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  Parent are the First Teacher of Their Child

Homes become first school of the child. When a child opens their eyes he fined his parent as a teacher. The first word through out by his mouth becomes MAA (Mother). He learns his first lesson in the lap of their mother. As long as he growth he learn all those word which used by their parents. He receives all those activity which take place in his yard. Children from one to five years in age find it particularly hard to adjust to change and loss. In addition, these children have not yet developed their own coping skills, so they must depend on parents, to help them through difficult times.

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and yet challenging. Your role is essential because of the impact you can have on the lives of children that you teach.

As a teacher you must love to learn and be ready for your children's answer. Try to maintain a normal household routine and encourage children to participate in recreational activity. Reduce your expectations temporarily about performance at home, and give a loving surround to your children. Keep it in mind that you are first teacher of your children. Receiving your think and ideas he would become a diamond otherwise an ash. Following tips for you as a teacher *Build children's' confidence by requiring them to show their work, share ideas, gather reactions, or conduct other interactions *Link schoolwork with real-life situations and tell about their develop and progress *Help children's understand more about what they are learning in school. *Encourage children to talk regularly about schoolwork and progress * Parents should communicate about children's work, progress, or problems. Only parents can give a values and skills to their children that make up character and good citizenship. You can do help your child to develop a strong character. It suggests activities that you - children can do to put those values to work in your daily lives act. Promote the basic values that you want your child to learn and use.

About Author :- John David is an expert author from New York city. John often write for quality website like . He has been quite attached with childerns and more often than not talks about their lives and problems.

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